This Absurd Study Shows Everything Wrong With the U.S. Health Care System (Tom McKay),

The news: Welcome to America, where health care spending is so screwed up a blood test could run you $10 at one California hospital and $10,000 at another.
A research team led by University of California, San Francisco researcher Renee Hsia…

A War that Will Never End: An Israel/Palestine analysis
Renan Schiavetto,

Hello again readers! Recently I was watching the news and apparently Israel and Palestine seem to be the focus of the national news shows. Since I live in St. Louis, most of the regional news are towards the shooting of the African American young…


Gazans say they live in world’s biggest prison
By John Reed in Rafah,

About 100 anxious people are lined up at a window in the southern end of the Gaza Strip at the Rafah border crossing to Egypt. Jostling and …

“Gazans say they live in world’s biggest prison”

By Ishaan Tharoor,

All signs indicate that the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to wage a protracted battle in the battered Gaza Strip as it seeks to crush the capabilities of the Islamist militant group Hamas. The ongoing conflict…

70 Reasons to Quit a Heavy Marijuana Habit

Thinking about giving up marijuana but not sure you’re ready to take the plunge? Well, here are 70 benefits of quitting – all first-hand accounts from previously heavy users about how life changes for …

Artist Launches Bonsai Trees And Other Lovely Plant Arrangements Into Space
Priscilla Frank,

We’ve heard that outer space is, visu­al­ly speak­ing, a pret­ty majes­tic expe­ri­ence. Yet although the galaxy beyond is undoubt­ed­ly filled with stars and misty clouds for days, there aren’t any dec­o­ra­tive touch­es around to spruce up the…

Google to collect data to create a full picture of what a healthy human being is
By Alistair Barr,

Called Base­line Study, Google’s project will gath­er anony­mous genet­ic and mol­e­c­u­lar infor­ma­tion to cre­ate a full pic­ture of what a healthy human is.